EMCC 2023

9-10 JUNE 2023 - PRAGUE

EMCC 2023

9-10 JUNE 2023 - PRAGUE



About 1.3 million people
Density is about 2,500 people per km2 / 6,600 people per mile2


496 km2 (192 sq mi) it's about the size of San Diego with less people.

Elevation (highest)

399 m (1,309 ft)



This is a Slavic language, similar to Slovak, Polisch, Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, Ukranian and Russian

Foreign languages

English is taught in school as a mandatory second language. German and Russian are also spoken.

Asian languages are hard to find however there are guides available that speak Chinese (Mandarin), Korean and Japanese.

Since the Czech Republic was a part of 2 German speaking empires (Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation and the Austro-Hungarian Empire), German has a historical presence here. For years both Czech and German were both part of the culture. During the Soviet era, the Czechs were forced to learn Russian so many still speak it. English was introduced after democracy came back in 1989.


The Czech Republic still uses the Czech Crown - Koruna Ceska. The Euro is widely accepted, however not everywhere.

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Getting around

Be prepared to walk, walk and walk some more. Prague has had the advantage of not being damaged heavily during WWII, therefore, the quaint, magical, curvy, unspoiled, cobblestone streets are yours to discover and are original. Most of the "must-see” places are accessible only on foot. This makes it challenging for people with walking difficulties. However, even that can be overcome with "Old-timer Tours” - tours of the inner parts with a small vintage car. For the "in-between-the-sights” parts, you can take a tram or subway "the Metro” or schedule a tour with a vehicle of the right size for your group. However, the inner city as well as the Prague Castle courtyards are pedestrian only.


Prague has an excellent, highly subsidised public transportation system. The trams and the subway can take you to all of the important places.


The official food in the Czech Republic is delicious comfort food. Dumplings, pork, beef and pork stew (goulash), sausages and the like. Very much like a German grandma would make.

However, you can also find just about any other ethnic food you may want. Italian, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Korean, Tex-Mex, Indian, Fusion, vegetarian and vegan. Dobrou Chut (enjoy your meal).


Every restaurant has one but only for customers. Larger souvenir shops have them. However, when you are on the streets, finding a public restroom is sometimes a challenge. Most cost money - anywhere from CZK 5 to CZK 20. Have coins ready as well as tissue and be "all set".


Other than the proverbial pick pockets, who plague every major city today, Prague is a very safe city. Always watch your belongings. Don't carry your wallet in your back pocket or hang your purse over the back of your chair in a restaurant ... just be smart, and no harm will come your way. Please also be very careful when using taxis. It is not recommended to catch a cab on the street. Call a cab.... +420 222 333 222 or 14 014 - AAA Radiotaxi and always ask for a receipt and the cost in advance.